Monthly Archives: January 2018

Australia Day!

Oi! As soon as I woke up yesterday morning I did what every Aussie does on Australia day, I covered myself in  temporary tattoos to show how much I love my country! I decided the most Aussie way to celebrate Australia Day was to bake none other then the famous Pavlova. I had gone out… Read more »

My first few days :)

(Some words are missing accents as my laptop wouldn’t let me put them in.) Boa noite,                                                                               … Read more »

5 days to go!!

Oi!!! I seriously can’t believe that there is only 5 days before I embark on the biggest adventure of my life! I am so excited to be spending 12 months in Santos, Brazil. Santos seems like an amazing place and a perfect fit for me as I love the beach, sports and meat. I received… Read more »