5 days to go!!


I seriously can’t believe that there is only 5 days before I embark on the biggest adventure of my life! I am so excited to be spending 12 months in Santos, Brazil. Santos seems like an amazing place and a perfect fit for me as I love the beach, sports and meat.

I received an email from my first host family on the 1st of October 2017. For the first few months I will be staying with a big family, there is my host Dad Alexandre and my host Mum Elizabeth. I also will have five host siblings, Gabriella who is 19, Fernanda who is 16, Paulo who is 15, Gustavo who is 2 and my host Mum is expecting a baby girl sometime this week! I am so excited to have lots of siblings as I only have one brother here in Australia.

After talking back and forwards for two months my family and my host family finally found a time to Skype. My family stayed up till midnight (11am Brazil time) to Skype my host family but it was worth it because we talked for almost an hour! We really got to know the family and it made me even more excited and reassured my parents that I’ll be safe and happy.

I will be going to a school called Colegio Do Carmo and I will be in the same grade as my host brother Paulo!

In preparation for my exchange I’ve learnt to cook a few aussie favorites like pavlova and Anzac biscuits. I’ve also had to do a lot of shopping for gifts and aussie foods such as tim tams and vegemite!

I’ve done a little bit of Portuguese practice but I will defintley need a lot more help when I get to Brazil! To be perfectly honest I would love to have done a lot more practice but the last two months have been extremely busy as I’ve had to try and catch up with so many people before I go, but fingers crossed I’ll survive the first few weeks with limited Portuguese!


Well that’s all for now and the next time you’ll hear from me I’ll be half way across the world!

Heidi x




Wow sounds like an amazing first couple of days. Looking forward to reading your blog! Have fun.


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