My Weekly Routine

Ola a todos  (Hi everyone),

Everybody seems to think being an exchange student is so amazing and must be so different to your life at home. Whilst it is definetly different it’s still kind of “normal”.  Here in Brazil I have a normal routine similar to Australia but what I do and when I do it is very different. It’s not just parties every night like people seem to think back home, I still need to go to school! So here’s a rough idea on my normal week that I have settled into.

Monday. School starts at 7.20am and finishes at 12.50pm. At my first Host family I could walk to school but at my second family I either get the bus or ride my bike. I go home at lunch which is the main meal and afterwards hang out with friends or do something in the city.

My School Class


My Bike

Tuesday. School 7.20am to 12.50pm. I then normally go home for lunch or eat at a restaurant with friends. At 5pm I have Portuguese lessons and at 9pm I do Pole Dancing class with my sister from my first family.

Pole Dancing Class with my Sister

Wednesday. School 7.20am to 11.20am. I finish school early to go to my Rotary Club Lunch from 12.30pm to 2.30pm. It is a formal sit down lunch at a hotel. Afterwards I usually do something with other exchange students, maybe the beach or shops.

Rotary Weekly Lunch

Thursday. School from 7.20am to 12.50pm. I go to lunch at my first Host Family because it is close to school and I have afternoon classes from 1.50pm to 4.20pm. I have Portuguese lessons again at 5pm and then do another Pole Dancing Class at 9pm.

Friday. School 7.20am to 12.50. I eat lunch with my school friends then we go back to school and play European Handball from 1.50pm to 3pm. From 4.30pm to 6.30pm I have Drama class at school where we do rehearsals. Recently I performed in a musical.

My Musical

My Musical Ensemble

Weekends. I usually spend weekends with my family and there is typically a party or gathering to go to on either Friday or Saturday night.

Watching Brazil in World Cup

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing some photos of what my normal routine looks like.

Adeus por agora (Bye for now).



Sounds like an awesome week! When do you have time to sleep ?! Australia is missing you! Jac

Margaret Woollam

Sounds like a great time Heidi. Looking forward to seeing you again at the end of the new year. Love Aunty Margaret


Sounds fantastic! Where do I sign up? What an amazing, life-changing time you are having Heidi!


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