A Meio Caminho (halfway)

Ola a todos, Halfway! I’m officially halfway through my exchange and it honestly feels surreal. To be completely honest my first month felt like it went forever but the five after that went so fast I have no idea where the time went. You know it’s weird but I don’t feel like an exchange student… Read more »

My Weekly Routine

Ola a todos  (Hi everyone), Everybody seems to think being an exchange student is so amazing and must be so different to your life at home. Whilst it is definetly different it’s still kind of “normal”.  Here in Brazil I have a normal routine similar to Australia but what I do and when I do… Read more »

My trip to the Amazon

Well this post is a bit late but better late than never right 🙂 On the 31st of March I hopped on a plane at Sao Paulo airport and headed for Manaus, Amazonas where I would commence my first trip of my exchange. When I arrived in Manaus I met with all the other exchange… Read more »

One month!!

ONE WHOLE MONTH!!!! It’s crazy that I’ve already been here for a month, it feels like yesterday that I was saying a tearful goodbye to my family back home in Sydney. Before exchange Rotarian’s and ex-exchange students will tell you how fast it goes but I never really believed them because a year at home… Read more »

First two weeks at school :)

Oi, Well I started school just over a week ago now and I’m enjoying it. I go to a school called Colegio Do Carmo, it’s a coed private school that is on the same block as my apartment so I walk to school. School starts at 7:20am so I have to wake up pretty early… Read more »

Australia Day!

Oi! As soon as I woke up yesterday morning I did what every Aussie does on Australia day, I covered myself in  temporary tattoos to show how much I love my country! I decided the most Aussie way to celebrate Australia Day was to bake none other then the famous Pavlova. I had gone out… Read more »

My first few days :)

(Some words are missing accents as my laptop wouldn’t let me put them in.) Boa noite,                                                                               … Read more »

5 days to go!!

Oi!!! I seriously can’t believe that there is only 5 days before I embark on the biggest adventure of my life! I am so excited to be spending 12 months in Santos, Brazil. Santos seems like an amazing place and a perfect fit for me as I love the beach, sports and meat. I received… Read more »